Diabetes Improvement Programme in collaboration with GP surgeries  

Stabilising Blood Sugar the Mindful Way - Creating the conditions for becoming whole

The programme is for patients diagnosed with Diabetes, at risk of developing the condition or suffering from one of the many conditions related to blood sugar dysregulation and/or insulin resistance (i.e PCOS, MS, Metabolic syndrome, energy crashes .... ) 

It starts with 6 manualised sessions and continues with voluntary regular meetings to stay in touch and share experiences and helpful practices.

I bring food to share relevant to the session theme. The sharing of food and experimenting with new flavours, tastes and ingredients is always great fun when sitting round the table.

Since behaviour change is difficult, it takes time and it needs a supportive community to make new practices sustainable.

Each session starts with a mindfulness practice and sharing of insights and experiences.

The primary aim of the 6 session course with monthly follow-ups  is to improve the lives of people with diabetes or related conditions, to enable participants to lead healthier and happier lives by becoming co-producers of their own health and thus reduce the cost of diabetes and allied conditions to the National Health Service.

The intervention will be continuously refined and adapted in response to feedback from participants, their families as well as third sector and health and social care sector  workers. Engaging in co-production of health and how to build empowering relationships with one-self, family and health professionals will be an integral part of the programme. 

The goal is also to train patients as facilitators so that they can teach others.