The Health Commons - Introduction with James Quilligan

Awareness - Relationship - Accountability

Shifting the discourse from cure and disease to behaviour and wellbeing.

From mind-body split and division of labour to integration and wholeness.

From hierachical command and control structure to polycenticity and participation which leads to a sense of greater empowerment.

Through participation, individuals experience a degree of control and become better able to define and analyse their concerns and find joint solutions to act on their own issues. People can be equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in their communities.

We cant give empowerment to people but we can create conditions by which people and communities can empower themselves. This means groups of people working to enrich their own lives and acquire skills and advocate for their own change.

Non-hierachical participatory models are emerging that involve open source and peer to peer models all over the world.

What is unique that the greater good is achieved by individuals working collectively on a voluntary basis out of conscious choice and not out of dependency and coercion or via working for a central authority. 

When resource users become co-producers of their own resoruces, their motivations and skills and knowledge become part of production praxis. This leads to new ways of coordinating social and economic life and the development of innovative property management structures. This expands the distribution of the means of production and decision making far more widely than through top down systems. When consumers become co-producers of the goods and services that they receive and organise, their mutual activity trancends privatisation, centralisation and the idea that insitutional change can only come through a traditional command structure or social hierachy. 

It is not just co-production that we need, we also need co-governance. In the emerging system, public and private providers together with citizens will be working together to redesign processes. For this we need new kinds of accountability structures like social charters and health trusts to obtain community health services on peoples own terms.

Health Commons - A New Paradigm