NHS Transformation


  • The Power of One, the Power of Many Bringing social movement thinking to health and healthcare improvement;  by Jo Bibby, Helen Bevan, Elizabeth Carter, Paul Bate, Glenn Robert. Foreword by Helen Bevan Chief of Service Transformation NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement


  • Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust  Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust provides a range of high quality community health care services to the population of Leeds, including adults and children. You can read more about us on our website    



  • The School for Health and Care Radicals. Their  online magazine called Edge is a free virtual hub for all who are committed to bold thinking and swift action for change in health and care; from patient leaders to front line change activists, improvement specialists to educationalists and researchers to senior leaders.

       Rocking the Boat and staying in it:    Published on Mar 03, 2014.   These are the presentation slides from Helen Bevan at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2014,                                                                                   Manchester #Expo14NHS 

Learn how to be a health and care radical who can challenge the status quo when you see there could be a better way. We want to change existing thinking and practice and improve care for patients, families and people who use care services.    Published in: Health & Medicine

SHCR Module 1-5 Febr/March 2015, with transcripts of webinars and slides 

Module 1   Change starts with me

Module 2   Building Alliances for Change

Module 3   Rolling with resistance

Module 4  Making Change happen

Module 5  Moving beyond the Edge

  • Health, Inclusion and Human Potential A wordpress blog by John Walsh;  'Say Yes to Life Despite Everything' by Victor Frankl.  This blog is about us all finding the space and tools to say yes to our own life, potential and gifts. In that direction lies our journey and power. In this we echo the words of Carl Rogers that we are our own architects. This blog is also about how we reach out in compassion and hope to our neighbours who struggle.


  • Patient Voices   The idea for Patient Voices (captured in Patient Voices: the rationale) arose from the desire to harness the power of patients' stories to bring to life the 20-credit e-learning courses Clinical Governance Matters and Clinical Governance Works that the Royal College of Nursing had commissioned Pip Hardy to write for the UKHEP BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences. Digital stories provided the perfect format with which to to put patients' experiences firmly at the heart of healthcare. The first Patient Voices digital stories were funded by the NHS Clinical Governance Support Team.