Designing Measures and Implementing Policies

Wellbeing in Ireland 2013 Conference 

The conference addressed important topics for the future of healthcare:

1. Financial and personal security 
2. Meaningful and rewarding work 
3. Supportive personal relationships 
4. Strong and inclusive communities 
5. Good health 
6. A healthy and attractive environment, and 
7. Values of democracy and social justice. 

Internationally, there is increasing interest in, and analysis of, human wellbeing and the economic, 
social, environmental and psychological factors that contribute to it. Current thinking suggests that to 
measure social progress and national wellbeing we need something more than GDP, which is inadequate 
as an indicator of progress, especially as the link between economic growth and psychological and social 
wellbeing is not always positive. There is a wider question of what matters in life, and the ongoing 
debate about individual and societal wellbeing seeks to address this question.