My Psychospiritual Flourishing

UL – Individual inner competences

My mindfulness

I may not be able to control all what happens to me, but I do have the ability to respond in a more conscious way to all that occurs. That inner response-ability is a key to a more vital, healthy, and more fulfilling life. The clarity of perspective that comes with Mindfulness is a catalyst that allows change to happen rapidly.

The emphasis is on developing the part of the brain that can witness my own own experience in the present moment, with minimal judgement, in order to see myself clearly and to allow for deeper levels of the unconscious to emerge. 

Developing a personal practice that helps me being more mindful more frequently is an important ingredient of my wellbeing. The practices supporting me in that may include: regular meditation, prayer, a movement practice like Tai Chi or Qi Gong, breathing awareness exercises, mindfulness based stress reduction methods, just to name a few.



My purpose

Discovering and keeping a strong sense of purpose in life, brings clarity to many situations and reduces stress. Remembering my purpose and what gets me up in the morning, I can orient myself with more ease, as I move through my days. My clarity of purpose strengthens my wellbeing.



My emotions

Emotional blockages weaken my energy and diminish my availability for healing what needs to be healed. On the other hand, a friendly relationship with my emotions can be life-enhancing.

Sometimes, I disconnect or distance myself from my emotions. In other moments, I may lose myself into and dramatise emotions. They are unsuspected inner factors influencing my health. Having realised that, I want to learn the methods to engage with and come to a balanced relationship with emotions.



My attitude

Learning healthy attitudes and releasing old negative attitudes is an integral aspect of evolving a more vital and healthy life. We may not be able to control what happens to us and around us, but we do have the ability to cultivate attitudes that allow us to respond in a more healthy way to all that occurs.



My thinking

How I perceive a situation, including my illnesses and how to become healthier.  Learning new concepts and letting go of inaccurate ones will help me better understand how to maintain optimal wellness. Learning how to think creatively and with focus (and coming to know the nature of thought) play a big role in my health and wellbeing.



My wisdom

As I develop competences in mindfulness, having a healthy relationship with emotions, creative and focused thinking, and living an on-purpose life, I’m becoming a more grounded and centred being. All these woven together begin to constitute our access to wisdom.

Wisdom can arise from cultivating all those competences in a balanced way. Ultimately, It is my ability to embrace, think and act from a deeper and broader sense of what is. It shows up in being right in the present moment and respond to the situations I experience with grace and effectiveness. When that happens true well being and vitality follow.