Our Interpersonal Flourishing

LL – Collective inner competences

Honouring shared values and purpose

Values are those priorities essential to birthing and sustaining our vision. Clarifying and enacting them is essential to our collective well-being.

We look at our actions to notice those that do not support our purpose of creating a life-affirming, health-positive culture, and make changes so that we re-align with it.



Generous, collective listening

We, as families, teams, and communities learn to listen deeper, more empathically to our members and those around us including individuals and groups with different or opposing ideas.

Practising generous listening to dilemmas, challenges and conflicts, liberates stagnant energies and allows healing. Being seen, heard, and supported is energising to all and a source of our collective wellbeing.

We balance and value individual group interest, while having the good of the whole at heart.

By allowing our collective intelligences to unfold from the contributions of many, we can invigorate community health.



Building rapport

Learning how to open to and build harmonious and evolutionary relationships with other individuals and groups is a strong skill that supports health and well being. We do not need to be shining experts at this, but merely engaging the process and learning to do a bit better goes a long way toward contributing to each others health. There are many ways and many different styles of relationship building; each group or individual can find their way of a genuine heartfelt connection.



Being aware of collective impact

What we do and do not do has immediate and long-term effects on our health and the health of all those around us. Ethics is not about a list of rules. It is more an ongoing awareness of our interconnection with and embeddedness in all of life, and the natural consequences of this awareness.

With awareness of how our collective action impacts the world, we can create greater healing.



Dealing with unresolved issues

Whether it is our natural family, family of choice, friends or close community, we need the support of healthy intimate connections. Unresolved issues from intimate relationships and environments have considerable effects on health. Consequently, paying attention to our relationship with these issues, with the stories, and being skilful in releasing and resolving any unresolved issues can be a powerful aspect of a healing journey.

When we hold the whole world in our consciousness as our family, our actions need to be beneficial for everyone. This means we treat each other as brothers and sisters and build harmony and closeness across culturally and ethnically diverse groups.