My Biological Flourishing

UR – Individual outer competences

Nourishing myself

One of the keys to health and well being is what I eat. Much of the disease I experience is the result of poor or unbalanced  nutrition.

Learning to make useful choices in food, and cultivating an awareness of both what my body does well with, and what seems to be burdensome or draining, goes a long way toward healing. As I heal compromised health, my nutritional needs will change. I may decide to establish a relationship with others, more experienced than me, i.e professionals and/or peers, who can advise about dietary plans appropriate to where I am.



Learning how my body works

As I become more aware of the fine points of how my body works as a biological organism, it helps me working with it in ways that supports my vitality and wellness.

Interconnected biological functions include hormone and neurotransmitter balance, restorative sleep,digestion, immunity, musculoskeletal integrity, controlled inflammation and efficient cellular energy production.

My body must continually replenish nutrients while simultaneously removing accumulated toxins. But it’s not all about biology. My appetite for learning how my body functions is also linked with my inner work  (upper left quadrant), and ultimately, it can contribute to my overall health and wellbeing.



Getting even better

How well do I respond under stress and how easily does my body recover from its effects?Engaging a balanced and appropriate fitness program is both energizing and healing. People who do strength training in some form statistically live longer than those who do not. Walking regularly, running, hiking, are all part of a fitness plan.

Interval training with bursts of higher intensity activity can make our workouts more efficient and productive.  I don’t need to be heroic or set goals too high, however.




Connecting with others face-to-face and virtually, and sharing my health-related questions and knowledge, allows them access to my experience and can also strengthen my own health practices.  Engaging with a health-oriented group in my town or on social networks, for the purpose of improving my health and wellbeing, by sharing and investigating common concerns, makes me feel more connected and empowered.

Self-managing my health, using web 2.0 tools, smartphone health applications, online personal health records, and health social networks can increases my sense of autonomy. Co-creating health with experts, with my GP and with my peers makes me feel more engaged and responsible, and enables me to use health resources more creatively.




Our inherited genetic code is an integral part of our biology and health. Yet it is not destiny. Gene therapy, regenerative medicine, ever more sophisticated devices for self-tracking our vital signs, synthetic biology, the democratisation of medical knowledge, and the accelerated research to stop or slow down the ageing process, are just some of signals from the future in the present, worth paying attention to.

This constant expansion of medical knowledge, combined with my own sense of direction to reach optimal health, keeps me in touch with higher possibilities.