Health Commons Circles

Together We Will Thrive

Health Commons Circles provide the opportunity for citizens to meet regularly in circles to share knowledge and to learn how to refine our perceptions, how to interpret body sensations, and what we can do to bring our bodies and minds back into balance, with the help of natural methods as much as possible.

Typically we notice our health when there's something wrong with it. When the problem is big enough to disrupt our daily life, we go to see a doctor.

However, our bodies and minds continuously send us more or less noticeable signals before a significant dysfunction kicks in. If you knew how to read and respond to these bodily and mental signals you could prevent many major health crises and with it much avoidable stress and unnecessary expenses.

Are you curious to understand your health better and learn what you can do to become healthier and happier?

Wether you have a chronic health problem and take pharmaceutical medication or not you will benefit from participating in the circle. You will gain deeper and clearer understanding of your health and the symptoms you experience, what you can do to minimise side effects of drugs and what it takes to bring your body and mind back to optimal balance. 

How we view health and illness and how we treat it, starts with us, with how we live our day to day lives including diet, life style including the use of natural remedies, many to be found in your kitchen cupboard, in nature or somewhere in your community.

We meet regularly in circles and welcome both professionals and citizens to join us. In order to live in balance, we all need meaningful relationships, connection to our inner selves, connection to communities and to something larger than our separate selves. 

Cost: donation to cover room rent

If you are interested ring    Anna 07731 584358