Why I care about "my health as commons" and what does that mean to me?

by George Por

The evolutionary impulse that created the universe, life, human society, you and me, doesn't stop with us. It wants us, all the billions of us, to be more available to its relentless march towards more complexity and harmony.

To become really available to support evolution's work, calls for getting rid of all unnecessary, man-made suffering on this planet and securing a healthy, long life for all. Typically, I notice my health when there's something wrong with it. When there's a big problem, I go to see my doctor. However, my body frequently sends me small signals before a significant dysfunction kicks in, I just don't know how to read and respond to them.

I'm lucky because my wife is both a medical herbalist, and a multi-dimensional health practitioner, who would have been burnt by the witch hunters of the Inquisition. Not everybody is as lucky as I am, and we all need advice about how read and respond to our small physical problems before they grow into so big that we have to go to hospital. Where do we get it?

Holding my health as commons, I realize that I cannot reach my optimal health without the help of others, the information I can gather on the Web, from peer groups and increasingly, from the zillions gadgets for self-tracking, which can monitor more and more vital functions.

Similarly, sharing my observations and insights about the link between my health conditions and factors that may trigger them, can contribute to the awareness of others on the receiving end. Our lives are interwoven in the cosmic fabric. As one strand is getting stronger and brighter so does the whole.