The future of our NHS and the power of community - A relational approach

A new community impulse is awakening globally; a growing movement whose core is holism. Its many facets are already informing a larger perspective on health and social care. Chief among them are a concern with the whole person – body, mind and spirit,co-production of health,compassion in healthcare, working with rather than against Nature and the all-important need for health and healthcare to become sustainable.To support this awakening HealthCommonsHub has been created.

Embracing challenges

To make a real shift in culture and prevent becoming absorbed by the still dominant hierarchical system both staff and patients need emotional support to maintain long-term motivation and commitment. We need to accept that it is not only external institutional structures that need changing to become more enabling to human creativity and innovation but also our internalised conditioned thinking and behavior that has become accustomed to top down power hierarchies and an assumption of scarcity. During times of crisis the human tendency is to drift back into old familiar habits unless we have a deeper understanding of the forces that motivate us, a trust in our ability to find new ways to create the life our hearts tell us is possible and the commitment to remain true to our values despite serious challenges. To enable the radical change we need in health and social care, we need safe spaces where we can enter into open conversations with each other and discover and practice new ways of being together that enable us to see each other more deeply and behave as whole human beings. If you feel curious, inspired and motivated to work with the HealthCommonsHub, do get in touch.

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The future of our NHS and the power of community - A relational approach