Caring for the Health Commons:  What It Is and Who’s Responsible for It

This paper investigates the potential relevance to health care reform of the Nobel Prize-winning research of Elinor... read more

Reframing health to embrace design of our own well-being  

Written for Interactions magazine by Hugh Dubberly, Rajiv Mehta, Shelley Evenson, Paul Pangaro.

Editor’s Note:

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by Margaret J. Wheately and Myron Kellner-Rogers

Why do so many in organizations feel discouraged and fearful about the future? Why does despair only increase as the fads fly by, shorter in duration, more costly in their attempts? Why have the best efforts to create significant and... read more

A powerful manifesto published in the Lancet on 10th March 2014.

When we can read such a revolutionary piece in one of the world's leading medical journals, we know that people and times are changing.

" A powerful social movement based on collective action at every level of... read more

People-powered  health – co-creating  a new story of health

Following the Health Commons Gathering in October 2012, I wrote this article which was published in the Journal for Holistic Healthcare, Volume 9 Issue 3 Dec 2012.

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by George Por

The evolutionary impulse that created the universe, life, human society, you and me, doesn't stop with us. It wants us, all the billions of us, to be more available to its relentless march towards more complexity and harmony.

To become really available to... read more