The Need We Respond To

There is no one single initiative or organisation that has the whole picture of what a healthy healthcare system in the future would look like.

The Health Commons Hub endeavours to serve as a platform that enables the awakening to our collective potential in health & well being. It will act as an attractor and enabler for meaningful conversations that allow us to see the whole ecosystem of healthcare with its co-evolving parts. We can help growing a global brain for health if it can help develop a large enough network of conversations among all who are concerned.

The signs of our time show us clearly that a new impulse of awakening is felt by many individuals everywhere. All around the world groups, projects and movements grow, which want a shift in healthcare towards treating the whole person, co-creation of health, showing compassion in healthcare, working with rather than against nature, and becoming sustainable.

Together they already form a broad-based, loosely knitted movement, out of which a new, larger perspective of what health is can develop, which can let us grasp at a deeper level what the ways of health are and how health matters so much to our further evolution to the next phase in human history.

  • What does health and being awake to health feel like?
  • What would a culture look like in which the health of everyone matters?
  • What would a society look like where everyone deeply cares about health: the health of oneself, one’s community and environment?

We can awaken to our collective potential to answer these questions by understanding where we came from in terms of healthcare, by looking at different values and worldviews, out of which different healthcare practices emerged. When we recognise our learned habits as filters through which we have come to interpret life, we may unclutter and free our view and sense new possibilities.

We need each other to do so. Health-orientated groups, projects and organisations need each other to develop this collective sensing into what else is possible: a new reality of caring and healing.

We need to become visible to each other to make discover patterns of common meaning and purpose that we can weave together to become a movement for a healthy healthcare system.