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What is “health” for me? Is it more than not being ill?

How would I feel about my health, if I recognized that it belongs to and serves not only me but also, my family and my community?

When in my life did I experience being part of the great web of life and how did that feel? How can I nourish that experience?

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The external measurable aspect of ourselves – my body

Do I enjoy challenging myself with weights, walking in nature, having enough sleep and a healthy diet that includes fresh, organic fruits and vegetables?

How do I deal with my condition, my symptoms and treatments?

Where do I get help from to optimize my health?

How do I assess my vitality and the health of my vital functions?

How consistently do I act on my intention to live a healthy life?

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What is our ability to create a life-affirming, health-positive culture together?

How can we provide safe spaces, a sense of being cared for and for belonging?

What is it like to be part of a whole ecosystem of health activists, professionals, researchers, and policy makers?

How can we boost our collective intelligence to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities?

How can we nurture connection, participation, and collaboration?

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What health resources do we have shared access to and what resources can we create together?

How can we provide fair and equitable access to those resources? What kind of governance model would enable that?

Which healthcare practices are sustainable, affordable and cost effective?

How can we support changes in society that result in a healthier environment and sustainable practices to be enjoyed by all?

Can a commons-based peer production framework be useful in healing healthcare?

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